Stephanie. 22. Psychology & Human Services major. I work as a DSP for the Developmental Services of Nebraska with people that have mental disabilities.Instagram & Kik: @fackmee Snapchat: fack_me

About me.

General: Stephanie.I’ll turn 21 on May 3rd, I currently reside in Nebraska.

Relationship status: You’re not him, therefore I’m not interested.

Follow back? Not unless we blog the same; I like to keep my count low.

Piercings/Tattoos: Nostril and spider bites, septum, stretched ears to 0, beamed eighth note and bass clef tattoo.

Messages: Please, don’t start out the message by saying “Hey, you’re really sexy-wanna trade nudes?” Because I’m just going to block you upfront. I still have a kik but I don’t look at the messages anymore, I don’t want to associate with anyone that views me as a piece of ass-if you wish to be friends, go right ahead-otherwise please don’t message me.


Instagram: @fackmee

Snapchat: fack_me

Twitter: @StephanieCruzin

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